My person

Dr. med. Christina Kalmar

My Qualifications

General Practictioner
DFP Continuing Education Diploma
ÖÄK Diploma Psychosocial Medicine
ÖÄK Diploma Emergency Medicine
ÖÄK Diploma Nutritional Medicine
ÖÄK Diploma School Physician
ÖÄK Diploma Orthomolecular Medicine
Obesity trainer for children & adolescents (Downandup Kärnten)
Trained proper eating from the beginning – Trainer of the ÖGK


born 1979 in Wolfsberg, Carinthia – Elementary School and High School
Matura at the Stiftsgymnasium der Benediktiner in St. Paul i. Lav.
1999 – 2007
Medical school in Graz
2008 – 2009
Resident Physician for Psychiatry & Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics at the District Hospital Ansbach, Bayern
2009 – 2012
Turnus at the KH St. Josef Braunau, LKH Wolfsberg and University Hospital Graz
Birth of daughter Livia
Birth of daughter Emilia
2016 – 2018
Ward physician at the Department of Internal Medicine at the KH of Elisabethinen Graz
Birth of daughter Alessia

As an elective doctor, I am not contractually bound to any health insurance companies. Therefore, I can take enough time for your individual care. Appointments can be arranged at short notice and flexibly. You do not need a referral form, sick certificate, or Austrian E-card to use my services.

Simply send the paid fee note together with the copy of the deposit slip to your health insurance company. Which will transfer the refund directly to your account. If available, costs can be covered by supplementary insurance.