Dr. med. Christina Kalmar

As a general practitioner specializing in nutrition and prevention, my top goals are to identify risk factors, prevent disease before it develops, and improve pre-existing conditions through lifestyle changes and complementary treatments.

My many years of experience as a ward physician for internal medicine are extended by a holistic view, characterized by my time as a resident physician for psychiatry and psychotherapy as well as insights from numerous training courses.

My motto is: prevention instead of cure – as little medication as possible but as much as necessary.

Maintaining your health is the most important investment for a happy future.
It can be achieved by:

  • Strengthening the immune system.
  • Uncovering and compensating nutrient deficiencies.
  • Optimization of body weight.
  • Establishment of healthy exercise.
  • Preserving and redeveloping gut health.
  • Detox and reduction of stimulants.

I am looking forward to assist you as a doctor of confidence who really takes her time for you with honest empathy.

For me, the main focus is always on the human being in its entirety.

Enjoy the quiet atmosphere in our modern practice rooms without waiting and without acute patient contact.

I look forward to your visit to my medical practice in Graz.

Appointments by telephone
0664 3571149 or by e-mail